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Medical claims management

for ambulance providers

Combined Clinical and Financial Expertise

Keeping you in the field.

Strategies are intellectually simple, their execution is not.  Most EMS professionals want to be in the field—the professional, personal and financial rewards are greater when your time is spent on clinical care—rather than mundane administrative tasks. 

With our unique blend of clinical, business and financial expertise, Prudentia is a terrific solution to managing the administrative side of your service.


Utilizing industry leading Ortivus software, our systems give you cutting edge technology that eliminates cash flow problems. Prudentia has the ability to accept paper run tickets or upload Field Data via a secure virtual private network. In some circumstances, we are even able to help you upgrade to a fully automated system.


We bring experienced registered nurse staff, health information management and financial management experience to your side.  Our staff has extensive administrative experience in EMS billing, managed care, skilled nursing, home health, hospital and physician office settings.  We understand the clinical as well as the financial challenges you face—and make your success our highest priority!